Fourth Grade Social Studies Test


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Fourth graders took a test on November 27th about the Northeast Region of the United States!

We took the test to learn about the Northeast states, their capitals, and where the states and capitals are. We also learned about some big cities. For example, Portland is in Maine. The capital of Maine is Augusta.

We didn’t know what the Northeast Region test looked like before we did it. Some people get nervous when they don’t see the test because they don’t know if it is going to be hard or not for them. Others were excited because they didn’t really care if it was easy or hard. They really wanted to do the test because they love taking tests. Still others are in between. They don’t know how they should feel about the test.

“The test was fun. My favorite part was writing down the state capitals,” SR comments.

“I think it’s going to be fun because I love learning about state capitals,” CM replies.

The test lets you know more about big cities, capitals, and states. At the end of the year, we will take a test to name ALL of the states. Lots of fourth graders are really nervous!