Mary Poppins Returns

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IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE– In the film “Mary Poppins Returns,” Mary Poppins returns to the Banks children from a drifting kite and takes them on a marvelous  journey. This film is amazing!

One really cool thing in the film is when they meet Topsy and they sing the second Wednesday song.  It’s also great when Mary Poppins, the nanny, gives them a magical bath, and that is just a sliver of their journey.

NN says, “I really like when they sing the second Wednesday song.”

AB says, “I like when they go up into the air with their balloons.”

Emily Blunt plays Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Jack. Emily Blunt also stars in “Into the Woods” and Lin Manuel Miranda wrote the play “Hamilton.”

There are many more cool things about this film, but we can already see it’s amazing!

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