February Break

PELHAM–Over break, many kids went places or did activities.  I interviewed Nate Bloom and Sophia S. Nate went to Orlando, Florida into the heat, and Sophia stayed in Pelham and did some activities like skiing. They both had a great time over break, but here’s what they told me.

Nate went to Orlando, Florida for the whole week! Nate went to all the parks in Disney and Universal Parks. Nate went with his parents and brother, Theo Bloom. Nate’s favorite part about Orlando was the parks, and lucky him, it was in the ’70s all week! Nate said his favorite ride in Universal was Minion Mayhem. Minion Mayhem is a 3-D simulator.  You go into a room, sit down, and they transform you into a minion ( it is really the screen)! Nate said, “I loved that ride!  It was my favorite!”  It seems really cool and popular, because Nate also said there was a long line.

Sophia S. went skiing on Saturday of the week off. Sophia went skiing with her dad and brother. She said it was so exciting because she got her poles for skiing.  She said, “Ella, I’m so excited to go skiing this weekend! I get my poles!” Skiing was Sophia’s favorite part of the week off. What Sophia was most upset about was how cold it was, but at least it was cold enough to go skiing.

Both Sophia and Nate had exciting weekends with plenty of activities to do. We thank Nate and Sophia for taking time to work with us. I hope Sophia and Nate had a good break.