The Happy Hutchinson Book Fair


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– As we walk into the giant hall of books, a great banner that reads, “Forest Of Books” hangs above the stage, waiting for all to see and admire the Hutchinson book fair.

The Hutchinson book fair has books of many genres. It has picture books, chapter books, comic books and Spanish books to name a few. Another great fact to know is that some of the money spent goes to the school. This year people have also started using e-wallet, a piece of paper you can print that has money on it, so you don’t have to carry money around.

“As a volunteer, it was fun to watch the kids come in, excited about the books,” Ellen Payne remembers.

The book fair days were October 24th, 25th, and 26th. The books were great for all ages.

“I really liked the book fair because it is a time where you get to just buy books. It helps with making new friends with similar interests,” says MB.

In conclusion, the Hutchinson book fair is quite a memorable event.