4th Grade Immigration Simulation

HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL–The Fourth Grade is currently studying immigration, and thanks to our fabulous P.T.A., we are visiting Ellis Island on June 13, 2018!

Now you may be wondering, why is the title of this article “4th Grade Immigration Simulation”? All fourth graders at Hutchinson have previously filmed their own immigration films with the Pelham Picture House!

During the filming process we filmed in front of a green screen with a high quality filming camera that sat on a 3-foot tripod. This is what some fellow fourth graders thought of the experience.

S.P. says, “Filming in 4L was awesome! I had a great time!”

K.S. replied, “I had a good time making the storyboard with Stephane.”

S.G. answered, “I am looking forward to learning about immigration next year!”

Thank you to Stephanie, Mrs. Lanza, Ms. Morrissey, and Ms.Sider for making this possible and providing an amazing year for all of the fourth grade!