The Third Grade Field Trip to Caramoor Estate


CARAMOOR ESTATE, KATONAH, NY–Have you ever been to Caramoor Estate?  If you have, the third grade group is going on a field trip there.

The Caramoor Estate is a place that has Chinese art and music.  Did you know that  Caramoor Estate has 17 bedrooms?

IH responded, “I think the Caramoor Estate trip is going to be really fun!”

TG commented, “I think the Caramoor Estate trip will be really exciting and fun.”

VT noted, “I think the Caramoor Estate is big and fun to look at.”

The Caramoor Estate was once a mansion owned by a family, but now it’s a Chinese music and arts gallery.

MR stated, “Everything is old-fashioned, and I like old fashioned.”