The Tri-County Science Fair

WHITE PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL– The Tri-County Science Fair was an amazing event with judging, public viewing, and awards!

This was the 25th anniversary of this science fair.  The counties that participated are Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester.  In the science fair there was judging, public viewing (you could look at anybody’s project), and then there were awards; (you got an excellent or outstanding ribbon and a flashlight pen).

“I felt, after the event, that I did something big that a grownup could do,” SD expressed.

“My favorite part of the Tri-County Science Fair was viewing other projects from different grades,” NS voiced.

“I think because the students experienced science directly, instead of reading a book, and overcoming challenges like failures, this helped the students’ education!” Ms. Sider exclaimed.

There were many types of science at the event including biology, chemistry, engineering/technology, environment, health & medicine, physics, and more.  A couple of the participating schools were Hutchinson School, Prospect Hill School, Pelham Memorial High School, Pelham Middle School, and even more.

Everyone who participated was amazing, and even if you didn’t participate, you can try for next year!