Bronx Carnival

Bronx Carnival

BRONX, NY– In the Bronx they had a fun carnival. They had it because they were honoring the kids who played baseball.

In the Bronx they have a baseball carnival every year, and all of them are super fun. They don’t have rigged games! They also have rides like a fun house and a ferris wheel! The games are old school, like the duck game and the basketball game.

MR said, “It was fun and super good.  It was the best carnival ever!  My favorite game was the bottle game because I won a Yankees shirt and I love it so much.”

VT said, “I think carnivals are fun because there are different activities.”

TG said, “I think carnivals are super fun.”

The Bronx Carnival is super fun!  If you think this is fun, go down to the Bronx and check it out yourself.  But whatever you do, DON’T eat food before you go on a ride! If you do, you will throw up and they will have to shut down the ride. Now if you love the games, then you will be delighted to hear that they have a winner for every player, so you get a prize even when you lose, which a tiny plush toy.