Change the World

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– There was a special visitor in fifth grade. Her name is Joan Mulholland. She was part of the Civil Rights movement. She didn’t really tell her story until about 2011.

Joan was part of the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement was the fight for equality between whites and non-whites. When Joan was 9, she saw segregation. She wanted there to be equality. By the time she was 20, she had participated in over 50 marches and protests. She was also sent to jail. Many people were surprised she was doing this– She was a white girl protesting with African-Americans. She was brave.

“I think she was strong-willed, brave, and portrayed her story in a way that would catch readers’ attention,” says NS

S.L. thinks, “It was really cool meeting someone that actually met really famous people.”

Joan was a very strong person. She came to talk to the fifth graders about making change. She wanted us to know that you can make change when you are young. After all, she was only 20 and she had already done a lot. When she came she read us her book, She Stood for Freedom. It was by her son, Loki. She also showed us clips from the video about her.

She also made it clear that we can, and should, make a difference.