2013 Memories

2013 had so many memories, and I decided to interview my friend and acquaintance Alyssa Purcea to ask her about what she enjoyed in 2013. The first question I asked her was, “Who was your 2013 idol or band of the year?” The response was, “I really idolize the band Imagine Dragons. In 2013, they created the song Demons, which was really awesome.” Additionally, her favorite movie of the year was “The Hunger Games Trilogy: Catching Fire.” Speaking of the Hunger Games, Alyssa’s Idol of the Year is Jennifer Lawrence, who portrays Katniss Everdeen! Lastly, her quote is, “Never let anything get in your way.”

The next person I interviewed was Nadine Leesang. The first question I cornered her with was, “Did you think that 2013 was one of your favorite years?” She responded, “Well, I think that 2013 was one of my best and favorite years. I also thought that 2012 was a successful year because it led up to the possibilities in 2013.” The second question was, “Who was your favorite actress of the year, and what movie was your favorite?” Leesang’s reply was, “Kristen Bell, and I love the movies “Catching Fire” and “Frozen”.” Finally, the last question was “What do you think will happen in 2014?” Nadine said, “Okay. I think that 2014 is going to be an excellent and fun year, and I’m really excited for Pelham Middle School in September! Thanks for interviewing me!”

2013 was a thrilling year, and I was really anticipating 2014 to be an even more successful and amazing year. What do YOU think was your best moment you cherished in 2013?