Teacher Appreciation Week

HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– Teacher Appreciation Week has begun. It started on April 30th and is ending May 4th. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to give back everything the teachers give to us.

Each teacher at Hutchinson Elementary Wchool fills out a list for the students of all things they enjoy! For example, they include their favorite flowers, garden plant, coffee, and more.

Ms. Buzin shared, “I like when students write notes about why they appreciate their teachers.”

S.L. said, “I like how you get to know what your teachers like, and you get to see their reaction to the gift you get them.”

M.B. stated, “I liked giving presents to the teachers so they know we appreciate them!”

The past week was all about doing kind things for your teacher or teachers. You didn’t even need to give them a present; you could just give them a lot of help around the classroom. So maybe consider doing a wonderful thing for your teacher or teachers all the time, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week. They really do do a lot of helpful things for you.