The Rock Club

The Rock Club

NEW ROCHELLE–  The Rock Club in New Rochelle is a place where people go to rock climb. Everybody can go rock climbing and everybody should try!

There are four different types of rock climbing.  First there’s climbing with a rope attached to your harness and someone is belaying you. Belaying means that they’re holding you. Next there’s auto-belaying. It’s when you climb without anyone holding you and you’re attached to an auto-belay. Then there’s Bouldering, which is when you climb with no rope and you start from underneath the rock. Lastly, there’s Traversing, where you climb across, but not too high. You don’t have a harness or a rope attached.

LB shared, “Rock climbing is really fun. It feels awesome when you get to the top!”

“I like traversing, but I like getting to the top,” OB added.

Rock climbing can be a bit scary, but it’s so much fun. So you should try rock climbing at The Rock Club!