Family Math and ELA Night


PROSPECT HILL GYM– At Family Math and ELA night, you got to play fun games and you wouldn’t believe it’s actually math and ELA!

It was a K-5 event that went from 7:00-8:00 PM on April 17th, 2018 in the Prospect Hill Gym. In the Math portion, you do anything from rolling dice to playing with cards.

“I think that Family Math and ELA night is important to Hutchinson School because kids in K-5 can learn more in Math and ELA through games and spend more time with family and friends,” G.D. explained.

“My favorite part about Family Math and ELA Night was seeing students teach math games to other students, and I also liked seeing students in different grades and parents having fun playing math games together,” Mrs. Finkelstein expressed.

The math section was run by students in the Math Moments program at the Pelham Public Elementary Schools.  A couple of people ran each game.

There was a large variety of games for anyone in K-5, and it was a successful night!