The 4th Grade Recycled Car Project


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– The 4th graders are doing a recycled car project.  This involves science and simple machines.

In this project, the 4th graders have to use their knowledge about simple machines such as inclined planes, screws, wedges, and more.  Some of the recommended objects were bottle caps, cardboard boxes, tape, and more.

“My favorite part about the recycled car project is designing and building the car,” D.W. claimed.

“I learned from the recycled car project what simple machines and compound machines are,” B.N. explained.

The 4th graders have been learning about simple machines by reading articles, playing games, and watching videos.  The 4th graders have prepared the materials at home and are actually creating the cars at school.

If you created a car, then good job!  Even if you didn’t, it would be a great thing to do in your free time.