“My Little Pony,” the Movie

My Little Pony, the Movie

AT MOVIE THEATERS– Today you will be going to the magical land of Equestria, where Twilight and her friends live. But when they are partying, an evil pony comes and captures the princesses, but not Twilight and her friends. As one of the princesses was being captured, the ponies were told to go to a land of other ponies that could help them.

MB says, “I think that there will be a mission because I watched the trailer for the movie.”

VT reported, “I watched it with my friends and it was so good.”

LC says, “I forgot the whole thing, but I know it was a good movie.”

As the girls were searching to find the other ponies, they found a cat and he likes Rarity.  But the mean pony who crashed the party came and captured the cat and forced him to say where the ponies were going.   But he did not tell her where they were, so he led her to the wrong place to keep her occupied.

As they got away, they birds who wanted to be pirates, so Rainbow Dash inspired them to become pirates. But then Rainbow Dash gave away where they were hiding, and they all jumped off the boat. Then there was a big whirlpool.

Now you have to go and watch the movie to find out what happens next!