Three Kings’ Day

Three Kings' Day

MANY COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE– So you have probably heard of Christmas, but have you heard of Three Kings’ Day?  It is celebrated on the 6th of January.

Three Kings’ Day is a Christian holiday.  It is said to be the day the three wise men came to baby Jesus. Three Kings’ Day is not the most common holiday but, it is worth celebrating.

The way our family celebrates Three Kings’ Day is by putting our shoes out, and in the morning there are little goodies. We also have a Three Kings’ cake that usually  has an almond as a little prize. Three Kings’ Day is also known as the Epiphany.

L.S. says, “I think that Three Kings’ Day is a cool and fun holiday.”

E.C. thinks, “It sounds like a cool holiday, even though I don’t celebrate it.”

Did you learn any thing today? We hope you did!