INKWELL ISLES– Cuphead is a video game where two brothers, Cuphead and Mugman, go to the Devil’s Casino and start playing. They do so well playing dice that the worker king gets the devil to play Cuphead and Mugman. The devil exclaimed the rules. If he wins, he takes their souls. If Cuphead and Mugman win, they get all the money in the casino.

The two brothers begged the devil to not take their souls. Then the devil had an idea.  He said, “If you get all the soul contracts, I’ll spare your lives.”  So Cuphead and Mugman battle monsters to get soul contracts.

My favorite monster is Callamaria. I like her because she is a mermaid and I love mermaids. In Cuphead you get all cool attacks like finger gun or you get to fly a plane. When you defeat a monster, it says “knock out” and you get a ranking. It goes from A plus plus to a F minus minus.

TA says, “It was fun! The ghosts and the bosses look very old and they look like stuff Disney would make, and the cups are so small.”

ML stated, “I do not know much about it, but I liked it.”

DA shared, “I liked it and my favorite cup is Cuphead, and when you get to the devil, it’s so cool!”

I have played Cuphead myself and I only won one fight with a boss and it was the veggie pack. It was really hard, but with my cousin, anything is possible. When one cup dies, you jump on it and that is how you bring it back to life. It’s called Perrying, but ME and I call it Perry the Platypus.  It’s so funny! It took ME and I over 27 times, but we beat him.