Hutchinson School and its Big Vote

PELHAM, NY– Hutchinson school needs its outside bricks, windows and roof replaced! Hutchinson school has been around for about 100 years. People are voting if we should fix the school or rebuild the school. But rebuilding the school will be about 34,000,000 dollars! But I will still vote for rebuilding the school because we also need some extra space.

MR shared, “It’s a good school.”

CM said, “I think that Hutchinson needs to be rebuilt because the outside is falling apart.” Great answer if she was going to vote, but she’s too young. She has to be at least 18 years old, and she’s only 8.

SG commented, “I love Hutchinson School. It’s a great school.”

I think we all have voted for rebuilding the school. If that wins, I hope you be kind and give some money!

I think we should rebuild the school so we can have elevators for the people who can’t get around very well, and we can put some air conditioners in because the school gets hot, especially during the summer! We also could use some in the gym because when we are running around and playing games, we get hot. So that is a good suggestion!

If we do win and earn all that money, we can rebuild it! But it will take a long time and taking down the school can be dangerous.