The Kindergarten Snowball!

The Kindergarten Snowball!

By Cristina Stefanizzi and Kaitlin Sheehy

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL —   Every year at Hutchinson School the kindergarteners put on a show called the Snowball.  It is going to be today.

You may be wondering how the kindergarten teachers pick the partners. They pick the names out of a hat. That might be the way you got your partner for the Snowball.

Most of the teachers in Hutchinson School enjoy the Snowball. The children also have some fun.

Have you ever wondered who plans the kindergarten Snowball? The kindergarten teachers make it a blast.

Does it ever occur to you who invented the Snow Ball dance? Well, it popped into my mind and so we asked Mrs. Garcia and she said, “Mrs. Illustrado, who used to be a Kindergarten teacher here, and I made the Snowball tradition. Ms. A [Ms. Altero] said, “It has been a tradition for 20 years.”

All three kindergarten classes will dress up in suits and ties and pretty dresses with flowers in their hair. All this happens in Hutchinson’s gym.  They will dance to at least 7 songs. The Snow Ball is a great event for the kindergarteners to dance and to have fun.  It is really exciting to see the tradition go on for another year. I think that Mrs. Illustrado and Mrs. Garcia would be proud of the kindergarteners.