The Evacuaton Drill


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Were you scared, nervous, excited, or did you have mixed emotions on the day of the evacuation drill?

All I know is that I had mixed emotions . An evacuation drill is something we practice just in case we have to evacuate the school. My class had been waiting all day for the evacuation drill . We were wondering what it would be like. I thought it was going to be scary. But while we were walking to the field for the evacuation drill, I noticed it wasn’t scary at all.

SG said, “I wasn’t scared, but I was excited.”

TG said, “I wanted to have the evacuation drill and was calm when it happened.”

When we got to the field, it was weird because as soon as Mrs. Fitzgerald said the parents could come in, there were loads of parents.

VT said, “I was scared because it looked like parents were charging at me!”