Pelham Cup 2017!


PELHAM, NY– Pelham Recreation soccer held the Pelham Cup of 2017! If you play in the Pelham Cup, you play three 40-minute games. Usually, you play one 80-minute (1 hour, and 20 minutes) game. the teams are Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and Portland. The winner of the Cup was Chicago!

EC stated, “I think the  Pelham Cup gives kids the opportunity to show their talent at that sport.”

TS claimed, “I think the Pelham Cup is fun for the kids, but a little too competitive.”

CA quoted, ” I like soccer, and the Pelham Cup sounds fun, and I am proud of the team that won.”

I love the Pelham Cup. This is because everyone gets to play, and like EC said, the players get to “show off” their talent. They get to be not just talented, but also get to “act out” their feelings. I encourage people to play in the Pelham Cup next year with Pelham Recreation soccer. Remember, always shoot for your goals!