Happy Christmas

WORLDWIDE– Christmas is on the way! Get ready for a happy day! Santa is working and so are his elves! He is making all the presents for YOU. Your presents are for you, nobody else.

“My favorite holiday is Christmas because Santa comes and so does the Elf on the Shelf,”  said CM.

Get ready  for a REALLY FUN DAY!!! I am so excited! Are you? It is my favorite holiday. What is your favorite winter holiday? Winter holidays is the USA are Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day.

“Christmas is awesome!” says my sister. “It is my favorite holiday!”

Also, Santa is watching you! He knows when you are bad or good, so be good! He knows when you’re asleep and awake! He knows if you stayed up all night!

I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as I do, because it’s fun to open your presents and see what you get! I LOVE Christmas, and enjoy it as much as you enjoy the water park!