Project in 3RA

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL, 3RD GRADE CLASSES– The 3rd grade classes are doing a project, and it was due on Friday, December 1st! It is a project about countries and what they celebrate. I am doing Mexico and they celebrate the Day of the Dead.

We have to do some writing and show some pictures to represent what they celebrate.  You could try to do it, too. You just have to choose a place, see what they celebrate, and make a poster on whatever size piece of paper. That is all you have to do.  It is a REALLY fun and creative way to do a project.

I was looking up pictures on the Internet when I found a skull- a really cool one and beautiful one. I drew it on a plain piece of paper and colored it in.

“Beautiful!” said my family.  The skull was called the sugar skull. My friend, MR, did the same holiday and did the sugar skull, too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “I’m nervous to share mine!” said my other friend, M.

“So am I!” said TG.

But soon we all went. I was shaking when I got up to share, but I figured it would be easy, so I got over it. Also, the day before it was due, I saw my friend, SR,  bring it in, so I knew all of third grade was doing it.

On Friday, December first, the day it was due, we got on line.

“I am doing The Day of the Dead,” I said.

Then I saw MR’s and thought, “She is doing The Day of the Dead, too?!!”

When we got in the room, some people shared. Also some shared on Monday and Tuesday morning. They were all really good.

I was a little nervous when I got up to share. I was like,”OMG OMG OMG!!!” But I saw how easy it was and got over it.

Did you know some people dressed up as skulls on The Day of The Dead?

” I learned a lot about the Day of the Dead. ” said my teacher, Mrs. Ragosta.

“Me too!” I said.