Lima Bean Plants!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– In fourth grade we are planting lima beam seeds. For 4L and 4S, it didn’t turn out too well. Almost ALL of the seeds drowned or died from the mold or by dehydration. One of 4S’s groups is watering their plants with MILK!

We found out water and sunlight really do affect the plant’s life. 4S, 4L, and some of 4M replanted their lima bean seeds. We hope that the new seeds turn out better! When we threw out the lima bean, we were going to re-use the soil, but it smelled SO bad, we decided to throw everything out.

Lucy Ow comments, “I think that the lima bean experiment is good for fourth graders to see how they grow and how much time it takes.”

Serafina Lavallee states, “I think it’s fun to do, and I also think the milk experiment in my class will not work, but it’s a cool idea!”