So Long, Officer Phil!

HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– Someone came to our school today to show us a lesson that we will keep for a long time. He had many cool things to keep us entertained with puppets, games, and magic tricks to help us learn the lesson. Officer Phil did many cool tricks!

Madelyne De Jesus comments, “It’s very creepy and funny at the same time.”

It’s true! Some of his tricks made the whole grades scream at the top of their lungs or laugh hysterically!

Serafina Lavallee says, “It was fun and he was very funny.”

Lucy Ow states, “I think Lucky Duck was the funniest!”

Lucky Duck was a puppet with a funny voice and a unique personality, and the whole room gave lots of laughs, especially when he interrupted the speaker or repeating.

Some of the lessons he told us were very serious, as well, such as not going near strangers or helping them and telling an adult. There was also a lesson on bullying. More of his funny tricks were on a white board.

We made a silly man that had a huge nose, huge ears, a mustache, and a unibrow, as well as a bow tie. The lesson was to stay away from strangers no matter if they seem nice, look pretty, lost something, or even is a child. He started talking and blabbing information. That was one of the tricks that made the students jump up or scream.

I think the assembly was very fun, and I think if you weren’t there, you missed a very fun assembly!