Autism Assembly


HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– A Pelham mother came to this school to talk about an important topic: Autism! She has a daughter that has autism, so she spoke about it very seriously. Do you think it’s serious? I do.

Adrianna Zinzi states, “It’s kind of bad that people with autism have super hearing, so it must be hard to sleep unless you have those super huge headphones.” \

Sophia Pizzutiello says, “I liked how it taught you a lot of things about autism.”

A fun fact about autism is they have these special abilities, like super hearing or listening to a song and then singing it perfectly–notes and everything! I hope that doesn’t make you want to get autism.

Delia Lavallee comments, “I think that it was interesting to learn about people with autism!”

I think it was very thoughtful that she came over here and took time out of her day to tell us about something important,which is autism.