Hutchinson Elementary School’s Brand New Friendship Bench!

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HUTCHINSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL– Here is some exciting news for the students and teachers in Hutchinson Elementary School!

Mr. Anthony Senerchia is donating a friendship bench for the lower playground in Hutchinson Elementary School. This friendship beach is being donated by Mr. Senerchia for all kids and adults to remember to include each other, and also that there is a friend around every corner.

Isabella Henriquez said, “I am exited for this new friendship bench because I think I will make new friends.”

Sophia Pizzutiello added, “I like how Mr. Senerchia is donating money to the school for this bench.”

Sadie Ashlock replied, “I am excited for this friendship bench, so if someone is sitting on the bench, I can make a friend.”

Madelyne De Jesus continued, “I am excited because people can make new friends.”

These particular people are very excited for this  event and to make new friends.

Through this bench, Mr. Senerchia hopes that everyone at Hutchinson Elementary School is kind to one other, and everyone always has someone to play with!