Chess Classes


PELHAM SCHOOLS– Mr. A comes to our classes to play chess and teach us about it!

We have 3 classes with him during our school year. The first two classes are teaching and strategies, learning the chess pieces, and learning what they do. The third class, we play.

Madelyne De Jesus says, “Chess inspires you to think very carefully and it’s fun at the same time.”

Adrianna Zinzi comments, “You don’t have to do work and the classes that come in the future will play. In the first class, you’re learning the pieces and what they do. In the second class we’re learning more, and I can’t wait for the playing class.”

If you think you can’t do chess, you’re wrong! Just listen and try, and you will be awesome!

Delia Lavallee reported, “I like that he teaches us chess, and I love his teaching a lot!”