Books Off Of the Shelves For the Book Fair!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL MUSIC ROOM– On April 4th to April 7th (drum roll please), the book fair is happening! The book fair is when you get a book for a certain price!

“I like that there are plenty of books for you to choose from!” Delia Lavallee comments.

“I really like that in the book fair, you can buy any book you want with the money that you have,” Sophia Pizzutiello says.

In the book fair, there are also not only books, but posters, gadgets, sharpeners, pencils, finger pointers, erasers and more! So make sure you stop by the music room before it ends!

Madelyne De Jesus states, “What I like about the book fair is that you can look for or find new books you haven’t read and I like the book fair for that!”