Saint Patricks Day

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CELEBRATED IN MANY PLACES– Today I am going to tell you about Saint Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated in March. This holiday is about an Irish leprechaun that carries around a pot of gold. In legend, some people say that this leprechaun will pinch you if you are not wearing any green on Saint Patrick’s Day. In Ireland there are parades and celebrations that celebrate this special holiday.

Natalia Sujica reported, “I think Saint Patrick’s Day is a really fun holiday, mostly because my favorite color is green.”

Serafina Lavallee shared, ” Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday because I have green milkshakes.”

Not only is this a fun holiday, but the food at this holiday is even better.  There is Irish soda bread that has raisins.  Another classic dish is corned beef and cabbage.

I hoped you enjoyed learning about Saint Patrick’s Day!!

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