Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


NATIONWIDE– Soon, it’s going to be a holiday! The holiday we’re celebrating this January is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an extraordinary man who believed that all races should become friends. We have and celebrate this holiday to commemorate him!

Nora Maguire reported, “I think it’s a really good cause that Martin Luther King dreamed that everyone would not judge people by their skin color, and you can play with someone that’s not your skin color.”

Sophia Pizzutiello said, “I think it is great that people celebrate that day when he changed the world.”

Serafina Lavallee commented, “I think it is a great day because we honor someone who was a great man.”

I think that the speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a long time ago was great, and I hope that people try to make it come true!