Lincoln Center Artist


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Every 4th grade class is getting a visit from a Lincoln Center artist,  Ms. Debra.

Every day, Ms. Debra does the same thing in each class. In the classes yesterday, we got into groups and made our own cartoons about immigration.

Klea Gjeloshi stated, “What I liked about the activity that we did yesterday was that there was no wrong answer.”

Ms. Buzin voiced, “I like that the activities we did brought out our creativity.”

Rachael Janos exclaimed, “I liked the activity because it was fun and I liked working in group!”

Amelia Desmarais replied, “I think it was a good idea that she came because it gave us an overview on immigration and taught us a little bit about art.”

The first activity we did was looking at pictures and putting them in the order we thought they went in. The second activity was different pictures that we pasted onto to a board. The last activity we did was using the same pictures as the second project and looking at the real order.

Thank you, Ms. Debra, for coming to Hutchinson School!