Philipsburg Manor


TARRYTOWN, NY– The 4th graders went on a field trip to Philipsburg Manor.

We split up into 5 groups of 15. We went to 5 different stations. There was the Activity Center, the barn, the grist mill, the slave area, and the manor house.

Jewel Dally voiced, “The part of Philipsburg Manor that was my favorite was the grist mill. That was my favorite because we got to have a full experience of what the slaves did.”

Amelia DesMarais noted, “I liked it all and it was really fun. They were all fun.”

Each station had hands-on activities. At the barn, we threshed the wheat. We all learned what they did back then, and Adolph Philipse (the owner) didn’t live on the manor. Philipsburg Manor covered most of what is now Westchester, and it was 50,000 acres long.

Olivia Medrano replied, “My favorite part was going through the manor house and slave area, but in the end, I liked them all because they all had an important part with helping the manor.