Spring Break

Spring Break

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Spring Break is coming up, and a ton of people are doing something fun.

Spring Break is a good time to go out and get some fresh air. It is also a good time to see some friends and hang out with them. Also, you can spend time with your family and go to the park.

Carlos Medrano explains, “My family and I are going to hang out, go outside, do spring cleaning, and do some work. It is a good idea to have Spring Break because the children can digest what they have learned, refresh their minds, and make some room for more information.”

Like that quote said, it is a good way to practice our school work, relax, and take a break from our school work, or do some more school work. Do a little bit of both.

Ms. Buzin said, “My favorite part of Spring Break is going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights!”

Did you have a fun Spring Break?