Don’t Waste Taste!



HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Have you ever stopped to think about everything you throw away? My class, 4M, has started a system were you bring up all the food you do not eat and store it in your classroom.

We came up with the idea when we read a Scholastic news article on wasting food. According to the article, in 2015, we threw away enough food to feed 67 million people.  If you think about it, there are probably 67 million hungry people in the world. In my opinion, we are being selfish.

I decided to raise awareness to this common problem. A few other kids, including Chloe Castro, and I are going to talk to the school about this issue.

Amelia Desmarais responded, “I think it is terrible because other people out there are hungry.”

Natalia Sujica stated, “My dad told me not to waste food.”

People think that so-called ugly food is gross and vile; however, ugly food sometimes has more nutrition than so-called normal food. For example, if you have a double cucumber, you have a two-in-one cucumber. It is like a two-in-one book.

Chloe Castro added, “I think wasting food is wrong because you are basically slapping a farmer in the face.”

I hope you will think more about everything you waste!