Chess Classes


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Everyone is learning to play chess! All the teachers signed up and their classes will learn to play chess.

If you wanted to sign up for chess but your parents said no, now you can learn. In chess you will learn the moves of the pieces.  Chess is all about strategies.

Olivia Medrano claimed, “I used to play it.  I like chess because it is challenging and I like challenges…and it makes you think.”

“Francesca Ripoll shared, “I guess it’s pretty nice, but it depends.  It gives me thrill when I win.”

In order to win, you have to put your opponent’s king in check mate. The chess classes are tough, and they are taught by the teacher who teaches chess after school.

Ava Paolucci stated, “I do like to play chess. I like that you have to think in order to make a good move.”

Also remember, if you like chess, you should sign up for the chess classes after school.