The Bronx Zoo!


BRONX, NEW YORK– Have you heard that the Hutchinson School 5th graders went to the Bronx Zoo?  OR have you seen a person with a stuffed animal, such as a very long snake OR a chicken?

Just a few weeks ago, we did go to the Bronx Zoo! We saw amazing animals and learned a lot! I bet everyone thinks it was a lot of fun.

Ava Paolucci exclaimed, “I liked seeing the animals that Joe (the guide) brought out, and when he told us why they are endangered!”

Quincy Stern stated “(I liked) just seeing all the animals and learning about all of them in their habitats. If you’re lucky, you get to see them eat! You’re also saving them while you’re there!”

This trip helped the 5th graders with the study of endangered animals and their beautiful projects.

5th graders loved the Bronx Zoo! Do you?