“Annie Jr.”


PELHAM MANOR CLUB– Soop theater just did Annie Jr., the show, in March. Annie is about an orphan that is trying to find her parents, but then Oliver Warbucks adopts her.

Natalia Sujica says, “I like Annie because it is unique.”

Ms. Buzin says, “I love the music!”

Rachael Janos says, “I like how Mr. Warbucks adopts Annie, even though at first he did not want to.”

Mason Sznip says, “My favorite part in ‘Annie’ is when Annie gets adopted.”

Madison Shapiro says, “My favorite part of ‘Annie’ is when she sings ‘Tomorrow.’ I think it is a good idea for Soop theater to do ‘Annie Jr.'”

Courtney Valente says, “My favorite part is when Annie goes to Mr. Warbucks’ house.”

I think you should watch “Annie Jr.”