“The BFG” Is Coming!


MOVIE THEATERS EVERYWHERE– “The BFG” is coming and I bet you are excited!

“The BFG” is a story about when a girl is in an orphanage and is lonely.  All the girls tell her that a big frightening giant comes for her at 12:00 (midnight). She thinks it comes for her at 3:00 a.m., when she is the only one awake.  They tell her, “Never to go to the window, and never look behind the curtain, or else…”

Rachael Janos said, “It’s about a giant that goes on an adventure with a little girl.”

Amelia DesMarais said, “It sounds pretty interesting from what I have heard.”

“The BFG (big friendly giant)” comes out in the summer (July 1st, 2016).

Are you going to watch?