MOVIE THEATERS EVERYWHERE– There is a new movie called “Zootopia” coming out about the normal lives of animals….. if they were put in our shoes.

A police officer named Judy Hops is trying to prove that she is just as good as the rest of the police officers.  She ends up going on a wild goose chase (she doesn’t actually chase a goose).

Olivia Medrano said, “I think it will be really funny and I’m excited to see it.”

Amelia DesMarais said, “I think it will be a very cool movie and it will be very suspenseful.”

“Zootopia” is coming out on March 4th. The makers of “Wreck it Ralph,” “Frozen” and “Big Hero Six” came together and are making “Zootopia.”

I can’t wait. It makes a lot of people laugh.  “Zootopia” will have all the animals you can think of!