The Flash


Do you like super heroes like Batman or Superman?  What about some less known, but awesome ones, like The Flash?

On Tuesday nights on the CW Channel, there is a live action show called The Flash. The Flash is a fun, but dramatic show with lots of awesome characters. If you have not watched Season 1, you can watch it on Netflix.

When asked why he watches The Flash, Quincy Stern said, “‘Cause its awesome! It has love stories, it has comedy, it has drama, and it has super heroes! Forget about everyone else, The Flash is the best!”

Ava Paolucci said, “I like the mystery of the man in yellow.”

When asked what her favorite character is, Lily Maguire said, “I don’t really have a favorite character. I like them all.  Some are cool and some are not in their own special ways.”

The Flash is about a young man named Barry Allen. When he was a child, his mom was killed by the man in yellow. His dad was accused of the murder and was taken to jail.

But that’s only the beginning to the story, so you should definitely watch The Flash!

Total Rate: 10/10