Lunchtime Enrichment Is Here!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL— Lunchtime enrichment is fun for anyone that wants to do interesting activities during lunchtime. Students can go on a certain day of the week to a certain room to have fun.

You can go to an enrichment class on any day of the week. Notices will be sent home showing all of the enrichments you can go to, which day you go on, and which grade it is for. It also gives a short description of what you do during the enrichment time.

Ava Paolucci says, “I think it’s great idea for when it’s cold because there are less kids crammed in the hallway or library.”

There are many different enrichments such as sewing, art club, clay arts, Minecraft, zombie attack, and mad science. You can choose an enrichment depending on your taste. Also, most enrichments have a certain grade or grades .

Rachael Janos says, “I think it’s fun and it’s a good idea to let people pick what they want to do because not everyone likes the same thing.”