Why Don’t We Protect Nature?

Why Don't We Protect Nature?

EVERYWHERE– Earth is important to us, but we don’t follow mother nature’s rules.

Have you not heard the saying, “It’s better to follow mother nature’s rules than to litter!”?

To be honest, I’ve heard it a million times.

Mrs. Monteleone says, “I think it is very inconsiderate because we should be taking care of nature.”

Sydney Wright says, ”I think we should pick up trash and maybe have a whole month of Earth Day.”

Ms. Buzin says, “I think people can be lazy and not recycle because it may be a little bit inconvenient.”

Rachael Janos says, “I think people don’t think nature is important to living things.”

Olivia Medreno says, “I think it is not very pleasant when people do not care about our needs.”

I think everybody should protect nature!