Holiday Break


WORLDWIDE– Christmas break is coming and I am so excited!  It is from December 24th until January 3rd. To me, that is pretty long. That is a perfect time to get away.

Ms. Buzin said, “I am trying to book a trip to Florida.”

Courtney Valente said, “I am probably going to stay home and play in the snow.”

Christmas comes during the break, so if you are staying home, it would be the perfect time to relax and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. It would also be awesome to watch a movie while playing with your toys.

Klea Gjeloshi says, “I am going to go buy gifts for my family and friends.”

Lucy Ow says, “I am going to Mexico.”

My mom says, “Hopefully I’ll spend time with my family, eat lots of food, go ice skating, and try to plan a trip to Miami.”