UNITED STATES OF AMERICA– Thanksgiving is on November 26, 2015, and this is the day we give thanks.

In 1621, the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock. They had no food and a lot of them died.

A member of the Wampanoag band came and helped. He showed them how to hunt and grow crops. They had enough food to last them a long time.

They had a feast that lasted 3 days and they invited the Indians. They played games and told stories.

Jackie Pennetta said, “I love learning about the Pilgrims and the Indians.”

Courtney Valentine says, “I think it is amazing that Thanksgiving has been passed on for many years and it is still going on today.”

On Thanksgiving, lots of people get together with their families and have a Thanksgiving meal. The most common meal to have is turkey and corn on the side. The table is usually full, and in the middle some people put the horn of plenty, which symbolizes no hunger.

A lot of people have fall decorations like napkins, table cloths and matching plates. Common dishes are turkey, corn, ham, potatoes, and some people eat macaroni and cheese.

Chloe Castro says, “I love the butter bread my mom makes.”

Racheal Janos says,”I love going to my cousin’s house and playing games.”