Ms. Magiet

Ms. Magiet

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–Have you ever had Ms. Magiet for a teacher?  Well if you did, you know she is amazing.

Her birthday is coming this Friday, November 20th.  If you see her this Friday, stop by and say, “Happy Birthday!”

If you have or had Mrs. Monteleone, stop by and say, “Happy Birthday!” to her, too.  If you didn’t know, Alex Ruuge in 4Ma has the same birthday.

A fun fact is that Ms. Magiet loves pumpkin!  If you get her something with pumpkin, she will love it!

Pamela Pennetta, who had Ms. Magiet as a fourth grade teacher, says, “I think she’s a great teacher and I miss her.  Happy Birthday, Ms. Magiet!”

Giana’s sister, Sophia Pizzutiello, says, “She is the most kind and amazing teacher.”

Olivia Medrano says, “Ms. Magiet is amazing.”

Ms. Magiet has a sister named Jenny.  Another fun fact is that Ms. Magiet loves fancy words.  Ms. Magiet is an amazing, kind and awesome teacher.


With love always,

Giana and Jackie