Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of “Alice in Wonderland”


PELHAM, NY– This week we had so much cool stuff happening for the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is about a girl that has a wacky dream about talking doorknobs and rabbits with clothes on. There is a queen that is crazy mean and kind of silly at the same time.

Jackie Pennetta says,”The hat-making looks really cool and fun, especially since I love hats.

To help celebrate, we did so many cool activities. On Saturday, November 7, we had an Alice fest. On Sunday, November 8, we had a mad hatter tea party. On Wednesday, November 11, we had Alice inspired activities. This past Saturday, we had Alice hat-making and on Sunday we had an Alice film festival.

If you went to any of these, how were they?