The Box Top Competition

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HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– The box top competition was so much fun and it was so exciting.

Every week, we got the graphs and waited in anticipation to see which class was in the lead.  At first 4Ma was no where near the top. But every week, someone’s class was in the lead. Thanks to Vincent Robinson, he shot us right up to the top with 372 box tops. Go, Vincent!

Then, finally, all of the classes were waiting for the final graph that showed who won. It was just a normal October day and class 4Ma was sitting on the rug waiting for directions when Ms. Magiet screamed, “WE WON THE BOX TOP COMPETITION! WE WON THE BOX TOP COMPETITION!” Her face turned bright red, so bright that it looked like she was going to explode!  Griffin Evans jumped up in the air. Katie Nyborg was laughing and swinging her hands in the air.

I love the box top competition!  It is so much fun for everyone. I can’t wait for next year’s box top competition. I just want to say thank you to the kids who had helped my classmates and me win the competition.