Fall Pumpkins


NEW YORK–The time is here to pick some pumpkins– big pumpkins, small pumpkins…pumpkins in all sizes!

People go to a bunch of different places.  I go to the Hamptons to pick a pumpkin, and others went to the pumpkin run or other places.

4th grader Olivia Medrano said, “It’s really fun to pick a pumpkin and eat the pumpkin seeds.”

4th grader Chloe Castro said,”I love pumpkin picking because I got to spend time with my family.”

Some people go apple picking, too. They also get little pumpkins for their teachers.  At least my sister and I do!

Pumpkin picking can have a lot of fun activities, too.  A lot of kids go to different places to pick the right pumpkin. Pumpkin picking can be a ton of fun.  Don’t forget the most important thing when it comes to pumpkin picking: Pick a good pumpkin!!