Is Being Popular Important?


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Have you ever wanted to be the center of attention? Well you shouldn’t have.

Some people think popularity is being better than everybody else. Some people think popularity is dressing better than everyone else, at least for girls.  For boys being popular is being the star quarterback on the football team.

5th grader Samantha Janos said, “I think popularity is something everybody wants, but I think not everybody understands that popularity is just what people think about others.  Being popular is not what we come to school for.  Being ‘popular’ is not the most important thing to think about during the day.”

3rd grader Klea Gjeloshi said, “I don’t think it is important to be popular because it makes people sad and some people might complain to their mothers.”

4th grader Ava Paolucci said, “I don’t think popularity is important because everyone has their differences.”

If someone doesn’t think you’re fit to be popular, don’t change because you are popular if you think you are.

We hope we inspired you not to change your look to fit someone else’s opinion.